The foundation

ICLOBY is a group of scientists, intellectuals and entrepreneurs dedicated to serving as a reference point for innovation inspired by concepts of sustainability, stakeholders, circular economy, social innovation and business ethics.

We promote the improvement of society through companies.

ICLOBY participates financially and actively promotes social entrepreneurship by enabling the development of innovative projects with a common denominator: to improve the world in which we live.

Likewise, ICLOBY complements its representative influence with excellent and proven university training for more than 20 years, in areas such as Communication and Stakeholders, Lobbying and Crisis Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Innovation, and Health. The training is conducted by renowned experts and thought leaders from the public and private sectors.

What We Do and Why

Icloby, Foundation of Lobbying, Business & Innovation, was founded to continue the work of the CIES Foundation, which, over more than 20 years, worked with the University of Barcelona to provide training and to accompany global sustainable development.

Through new developments in innovation and research into the growth of wealth and well-being in society, Icloby supports entrepreneurs based on guiding principles of circular economy initiatives, consolidating interest groups and ethical principles, seeking to guarantee maximum opportunities.

Icloby operates as a global resource center in areas of lobbying, business, innovation and training, where professionals with respected career trajectories associate to achieve excellence in the fields of research and innovation in a global and multidisciplinary environment, directing the results to achieve a positive impact on the economy and society.

Icloby accomplishes its objectives through training, analysis and increasing awareness of the mentioned fields, stimulating and supporting research and the development of innovative projects, while creating platforms and networks to strengthen and multiply its effects, defending ethical values and transparency, above all.